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3. Using Hang Seng e-Banking Services
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Inbox Message
Q: Can I e-mail to the Bank if I have queries about e-Banking Services?
A: Yes, simply go to Suggestions & Feedback under Customer Services Section which allows you to communicate with us electronically. Just type in your contact phone number and message in the white boxes. It saves you time and spare you from all the mailing and postage hassles.
Q: Can I save the message that I have composed and send it to the Bank later?
A: All messages composed must be sent immediately. If you would like to keep a record, please print it out.
Q: Can I keep all the undeleted messages sent from the Bank permanently?
A: All undeleted messages will be retained for 21 days from their mailing dates after which the relevant messages may be automatically deleted. If you would like to keep a record, please print it out.